Sunday, November 14, 2010


So this is the video you all have been expecting :)..
Thanks to my old friends from the days I was doing Parkour we made awesome (at lest to me) video, music is composed and played by Serbian artist Alexander Blu.

Tell me what do you think :)

(everything was filmed with my Canon 550D 18-55mm lense + Raynox HD fisheye.)


  1. Awesome video, that Canon 55D is bad ass

  2. looks like you guys have some skills

  3. Wow , this is nicely done, good job

  4. Your blog is so informative please don't hurt yourself with parkour !! I am foing to follow it!

    Hope you find mine as informative!!

  5. Dude. That was awesome. Nice work.
    I especially enjoy the flips. I wish I had the balls to do one.

    Was it a lot of work getting all the different angles? I assume it would suck making them do everything 2-3 times just to get the sweet shots you did.

    Also, how come the chick in there was doing anything? I bet she is pretty good :)

  6. Canon 550D is just what any photographer needs, an amazing camera.