Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So I figured out that I can attach my existing fisheye onto my canon eos 550d... Its a bit funny to see it attached onto normal lens but it does the job at least until I get money for this baby :)

Monday, October 25, 2010


So I've finally got my new camera ! Canon EOS 550D ! I'm very excited, still waiting for memory card and adapter for my fisheye, but once those two arrive I'll be shooting new videos 24/7 !

I've already got scheduled new bmx movie it should be part 2 for WAAAY UP.. short movie for the end of the season :)
Bmx crew and I are very fuckin' excited, I just can't wait to post something recorded with my brand new toy ! :)
So far as I've seen image and video quality are just stunning ! :)

Peace !

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is bmx video I've made this spring.. first video made with my (then) new sony camcorder.. It's also first time I used adobe after effects for video editing.

It was supposed to be project with 20 parts, and this 1st one was supposed to be intro...
But then I've found some other interests and discontinued working on it.

anyway, I was browsing my youtube channel and found it so I wanted to share it with you guys :)

btw: I'm getting Canon EOS550D/Rebel t2i this week so I'm very fuckin' excited !! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010


This is video we made spontaneously this summer on Pannonian Challenge, we were very drunk, and wanted to record something retarded... So we did MTV cribs at my house :D...

I was just talking like a complete retard and when I wanted to introduce everyone to "MTV" crew they started throwing cans and bottles at me... Some nice friends ...

All in all it was very fun, and I'm happy that we recorded it because I was piss drunk so I wouldn't remember it without video proof :D

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I know this video is by internet standards old, but damn ... I just can't explain how much I was shocked to see this ...
Bumblebee is my hero, and part of my fuckin' heart died when I saw this :(

And if I were there, I would probably run over and grab a piece of bumper or something so I could have souvenir ... they would probably chase me, but fuck it ... at least I would try to get it !

If they caught me I would become internet celebrity !! :D :D

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So I've started collecting money for buying this baby... I'm tired of stupid normal cameras that are made for shooting video that is fuckin crapy !! This DSLR baby is now capable of shooting 10 times better video then regular camera at same fuckin' price range (around $1000) !

It has full HD shooting, I can connect on it external microphone which is very usefull ! it's first DSLR with auto focus while shooting video !!
I'm pretty excited and can't wait to get my hands on that baby :)

When I get it, I'll make some test videos and post them to Youtube and here ! :)


Fuckin' shit guys !!! We're living in 21st century, why are there still wars and violence ?! Isn't 2000 years of that shit enough ?!
Every fuckin time I watch the news there is some kind of war happening somewhere in world...

And the saddest thing is that 99% of those wars are lead by some dumb fucks chasing their religion.. WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE !? Get the fuck over it, THERE IS NO GOD !
So stop wasting innocent lives for in the name of something that is MADE UP !

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Another song I've been listening for past few days... It's one of those that just make you dance and jump around while filing you with positive energy ! :)

I don't know about you people, but music is something most amazing for me, I just couldn't leave without it. That feeling when you find your "perfect" song, and play it on repeat for hours, that is the best motivation you can get ! :)

What do you think guys and gals, are you like me and get your inspiration and motivation out of music, or you have something different as your energy ? :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


So we're working on a new song right now, can't reveal much info about that, but we're doing great for now... :D

Guitar rig plugin is just something awesome that is so cool to work with, most of recording we're doing in Adobe Audition... Most of people talk bad about it, but for me it is by far most effective audio editing software.

I'll post the song when it's finished over here so you guys can hear it ! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


So this is video I made for Pannonina Challenge.. Its skateboard, bmx/mtb and inline contest over here where I'm from (Osijek, Croatia)...
This year we had lots of famous riders, one of them was Daniel Dhers, X games champion. Great guy, we drank with him, motherfucker can drink and he has some fucked up sense of humor :D.

So whats up with you guys/gals, doing some sports ?

I ride mountain bike downhill and dirt jumps. :)


tune for the day... I'll just leave this here.
Fuckin' rain ruins my sunday I thought that will be great...
chillin' in skate park, filming, drinking beer and having fun...

F.U. RAIN, F.U. !


DAMN I'm hungover !! How was your weekend guys ?!
Had fun ?

We had stupid chat roulette party and then went out ! Awesome night ! :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


WOW, this is just amazing.. Imagine how lucky this guy is ! :D

What would you do if you got like shit load of money ?

Friday, October 15, 2010


AHAAHAHA.. This is so wrong but jet so funny ! :D


this by far the cutest thing I ever saw !! :D
I have cat that is now 3 months old and likes to just run and jump around my house :D

You have any pets ? How are they like ? :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Believe it or not, this actually works...
In time when something else can decide for you - you suddenly know what the fuck you want !


I can't explain to you how much I lol'd at this gif:

He probably hit his head hard, but whatever he showed her not to fuck with him ! :D


So weekend is almost here, I've got some party plans that I hope all turn out just as I planed. :)
You guys legal to drink, what are your favorite drinks/coctails etc. ?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fat people

I mean I don't hate fat people BUT COME ON ... You can eat all crap on the world but your Coke has to be DIET ?!?! That makes no fuckin' sense at all !!! AT ALL !

just had to unleash my furry :D :D
How was your day people ? :)

Marijuana legalization

I'm strongly for it ! I think marijuana should be legalized and available for everyone to buy it, sell it and grow it.

There is actually NO bad thing that could come out of that, countries with legalized marijuana are far more developed and financially stable.

What are your thoughts about this guys (and gals of course) ? :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Okay, today on our TO-DO list, try as much of those before girl stops you :D :D :D

GO !

Epic PWN !

I totally agree with him ! :)

Some crazy shit !

So this guy kills himself in front of webcam !!
Thousands of people watched it online LIVE !!!

You can see him hanging himself and you can also see police and paramedics arrive and bust in !


It's shocking when you watch something like that LIVE and you can't do shit about it.. Shocking and sad... RIP Marcus.